Monday, March 15, 2010

Moxie Pear Studio

Moxie Pear Studio

What kind of Art/Crafts do you do?
I am a graphic/web designer so most of what I design is done on the computer.

Where do you create?

I have a small office/craft space that we added to our house 2 years ago. It is my little space away from everyone.

How do you keep all your supplies organised?
Most of what I have to keep organized are files and office supplies so they are tucked away in filing cabinets and drawers.

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep your space tidy?
I am extremely anal when it comes to my work space. I have never been able to work in a mess. (That doesn't count for the rest of my house which could be a disaster at any time). I do try and clean up before I leave my "office" each evening.

Any tips for how to keep art spaces tidy or organised?
I also have a craft space in my office and so I do have some experience with organizing these things. Since I don't have any closets, I bought a cabinet from IKEA that I keep all of my crafty supplies in. Baskets and plastic bins from the dollar store are usually what you will find in there.

Do you get stressed out when your space gets in a mess?
YES definitely!

If you could have your dream space tomorrow what would it look like?
If I could have my own space it would be a turn of the century historic building with old wood floors and worn brick walls. I absolutely love that look!

Do space limitations get in the way of projects you have in mind?
So far no but I have wanted to expand my business and the space may be a problem in the very near future.

What is the next big thing on your wish list for your art space?
I would actually like to repaint and add a closet to my space.

Where can people view your work or purchase it?


Thanks to Lisa for allowing me to publish her studio photos and for taking time to answer my questions! Thank you!


  1. I love her wall color - so soothing.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me!

  3. Ah, wish I could say I worked in a clean space. The truth is that I get so excited when a new design pops in my head, that I start tearing through my supplies--recklessly inspired.

  4. WOW! I can't wait to carefully read through this blog post and the entire blog! Wonderful ideas!

  5. this looks great :)

    new follower!!

  6. Great work spaces! So clean and organized. I'm emailing you information about my studio. It might be the messiest you have ever seen!