Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diva Gone Domestic's Studio

What kind of Art/Crafts do you do?
I spend most of my time creating various paper crafts and wedding stuff.  I love scrapbooking, card making, etc.  I also love home décor projects.  But lately, I have been designing lots of wedding stationary collections.

Where do you do your art/crafts?
I am so lucky to have my very own studio.  (I say studio because it sounds so much more grand than craft room! J) In the summertime, I tend to take over the back yard with various home décor projects.

How do you keep all your supplies organised?
Recently, I purchased a lot of the storage cubes at a local craft store.  Everything has a place and is labeled.  If I don’t have a specific place for it, then I find one and make sure that I label it accordingly.  The great things with the storage cubes is that they look attractive, can be relabeled when you reorganize and can grow with your arts & crafts!

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep your space tidy?
When working on a specific project, I don’t worry about how disorganized and messy things get.  I may make a complete mess out of my room but create something wonderful! BUT, one thing I have learned about myself is that in order to start a new project – I need to have a blank slate. So my room is always clean and organized before starting a new project.  It’s kind of like an artist starting with a blank canvas and fresh paints.

Any tips for how to keep art spaces tidy or organised?
Before my craft room re-do, I had a couch/futon with a coffee table and I spend my time crafting on a board.  I did this for about 4 years.  I loved it but then one day I realized that I get a project or two done but spent most of my time surfing the internet and watching tv.  I had all of my supplies tucked in various boxes or in my closet and it made it difficult to find anything.  I rearranged my room A LOT but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy with it.  Then one day I realized that I didn’t have the workspace I needed and I couldn’t find anything.  So my big tip is to play around with different room layouts and organizing methods.  Eventually you will find one that keeps you sane and motivated!

Do you get stressed out when your space gets in a mess?
No. Not if I am able to come up with something spectacular in the process of making it a mess!  Since my reorganization, I have not bought double supplies or lost an important tool like I used to.  I think that being disorganized stressed me out but not making a mess.

If you could have your dream space tomorrow what would it look like?
So glad you asked!  I have been BEGGING for a craft cottage when we get a new house (which should be in a year or so).  I would love to have my studio separate from my actual house.  Something like a guest house or a large loft apartment above a detached garage would be perfect. I would like to actually have a printing room/office for my designing and craft room for scrapbook crops.  Of course, a small kitchen so that I can store snacks wouldn’t hurt either!

Is there any craft you would love to do but cant due to limitations of your art space?
My husband is so sweet when it comes to my projects.  If I need space to do something, he generally gives up his wood working area or part of the garage.  I’m pretty lucky.  But I think I would have a lot more tools to make things easier to mass produce a lot of my items if my space was larger.

What is the next big thing on your wish list for your art space?
Other than my craft cottage itself, I truly can’t think of anything I would need at this time.  My husband bought me an amazing DSLR camera and letterpress machine, his parents got me an professional color laser printer and my parents got a large guillotine cutter for cutting multiple sheets of paper… my wish list was wiped clean for Christmas!

Is there a website for people to see or buy your art/crafts?

Thanks to Tara for taking the time and effort to answer my questions and take her lovely studio photos, Thank you Tara! 

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  1. wow I'm suffering from space envy if there's such a thing!