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Artistry By McKenzie G's studio

Artistry By McKenzie G's studio

What kind of Art/Crafts do you do?
I make vintage inspired accessories. Right now it is mostly hair accessories. I do make necklaces as well, and just learned to crochet so there will be more of that as well!

Where do you create?
I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and in our extra bedroom, I have a table and my husband has a table. My table is FULL of craft supplies! On top, under, to the sides, it is EVERYWHERE!

How do you keep all your supplies organised?
I am an organizer freak! So to have this small of space kind of drives me nuts! But What I do to stay organized, is I have a shelf with lots of little plastic containers to keep my projects kind of tidy. I have all of my beads and broaches in containers organized by color and all of my flowers and feathers organized the same way in Ziplock type bags

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep your space tidy?
I have a pretty difficult time focusing if my space is overly messy. I can focus on one project at a time (even if I have tons going on at the same time) if I have the rest of them put away.

Any tips for how to keep art spaces tidy or organised?
I LOVE just the plastic containers that you can get in just about any size. They keep me organized! I like to have them labled and to have them color coded if I can. I have quite a few items that can get smashed pretty easily so I also have a few little basket/jewellery hangers that are nice to hang things on that are easily squished!

Do you get stressed out when your space gets in a mess?
Do I ever! I just can't think if it gets out of control! That is how my entire house is! Right now, my space is definitely not perfect, but I deal with what I have for the time being. Until I have a bigger space, this is what I have to make due with!

If you could have your dream space tomorrow what would it look like?
Oh my gosh! You have no idea how many times I have told my husband about my dream space. It would be a fairly decent sized room with 3 long tables, one for sewing, one for hair accessories, and the other for scrap-booking. I would have shelves that line the entire room with everything nicely labelled and put away. On my 4th wall of the room, I would have pictures that could inspire me to create. Right now I have a picture of Audrey Hepburn that I see right as I walk into my room, and that helps me get into the "vintage inspired" mood.

Do space limitations get in the way of projects you have in mind?
I think I would probably attempt to sew bigger projects. Right now my sewing projects are pretty small (ties, aprons etc.) but if I had more room, I would attempt larger sewing projects.

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What is the next big thing on your wish list for your art space?
Ah man, I don't even know! I got spoiled for Christmas! I got my sewing machine and a comfy chair to sit in! I would probably like to have hanging shelves to give myself more table room.

Where can people view your work or purchase it?

Etsy Shop:

Thanks to Artistry By McKenzie G's studio for allowing me to publish her studio photos and for taking time to answer my questions! Thank you!

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