Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Addiction

An Addiction of Mine.....I love buying House and Home magazines, my house is as I have mentioned before a ‘work in progress’ and well inspiration and visuals to explain my ideas is the reason I tell my husband I have to buy these magazines also to keep up to date what is in trend especially with Textiles etc.

But another reason I love them is when they interview Artists and Craft people and show their work spaces, I love it! I think sometimes that peoples rooms especially craft rooms is almost a ‘work’ piece. Hence why on here I hope to do ‘craft and art spaces’ on here so watch out for those.

And if you are interested in any books on the subject of ‘Where People Create’. There are two books I have that I like on the subject and I glance through often especially when I need a little encouragement in cleaning out the art room. (I have included the reviews I wrote).

Available to buy off Amazon


‘Whether your craft space is a nook in the corner, a bedroom or a fully fledged studio, you will enjoy this peek into other artist’s space. Gives great ideas for storage and some are a work of art on their own. So if like me you like seeing others work spaces go and indulge yourself with this book. And start reinventing your space even if its only in your imagination. This book will even have you wanting and being excited about cleaning and organizing your space!’


“If like me, your are just as interested in art spaces as you are in art then you will like to have a good nosey in these art and craft spaces. Some artists have all the luck and the best studios and rooms, with wonderful and unique storage, and art rooms are as beautiful as their work.

This book makes me green with envy, but I still want more and it’s a book when I’m fed up with my art room and need some encouraging to clean or tidy it I pick this book up.”

So make sure to watch out for my ‘Where People Create Interviews’

To be featured in 'Where People Create' contact: amgartstudios@gmail.com


  1. Haha.. I love buying magazines too! My hubby just doesn't understand :) Will check out your recommendation.

    God Bless

  2. great recommendations. I will have to check them out :D