Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ligaya Sukke's Workspace

Ligaya Sukke Work Space

What kind of Art/Crafts do you do?
I create decorative floral fabric pins that are made of designer and vintage fabrics. Whenever possible, I used materials and fabrics that are earth-friendly (repurposed and recycled). Each pin is delicately accented with colourful pearls and crystal beads in various shades and sizes.

I also create greeting cards made of papers and fabrics of various textures and colors. Each one of them is meant to be a keepsake. Most of the materials I used are recycled, clippings from magazines and other random objects.

Since they are handmade and without the cookie-cutter characteristics of a mass-produced item, each one is unique and afforded the personalized loving attention that it deserves.

Where do you create?

I have dedicated a corner in our dining room as my “corner office.” It has a window looking out to the street- not the best view but it works. To compensate the lack of view, I surround myself with beautiful things that inspire and feed my creativity.

How do you keep all your supplies organised?
I like to be very organized so I purchased plastic containers of different sizes for my tools and supplies. I should own some stocks form The Container Store for all the shopping I did in that store!

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep your space tidy?
Being able to work in a tidy and organized place motivates me to keep on creating, so I try to keep the space I work on organized and tidy. Besides, I mostly work on the other half of the dining table so I have to keep it tidy and clean so my family has a place to eat.

Any tips for how to keep art spaces tidy or organised?
Every day when the day is done, I clear and clean the desk and put everything away. I try to put all the stuff back in its container after each use. A place for everything and everything in its place….

Do you get stressed out when your space gets in a mess?
Not really. I just get less creative and productive when I’m surrounded with mess.

Examples of Ligaya Sukke’s Work

If you could have your dream space tomorrow what would it look like?
It would be a separate room, decorated with all the things I love, lots of well-coordinated bins and containers, well-lighted, with lots of window looking out in the forest with a river running through it…. I guess I’m dreaming…

Do space limitations get in the way of projects you have in mind?
I would love to have my sewing machine on a permanent space so I can sew whenever I want to, not put it away after each use due to lack of space right now.

Example of Ligaya Sukke's Work

What is the next big thing on your wish list for your art space?
A nice spacious bookcase to display all the creative books and magazines and other objects of inspiration.

Where can people view your work or purchase it?

Etsy Shop:
Indie Public: 

Example of Ligaya Sukke’s Work

Thanks to Ligaya for allowing me to publish her work space photos and for taking time to answer my questions! Thank you!


  1. I love your 'tree' collection of pins very nice!

  2. neat pins! and that sunflower paint above your desk is AWESOME!