Friday, February 5, 2010

Studio Call Out

First of all a BIG and sincere thank you to all ‘Where People Create’ followers, and to all Studio Owners that have allowed me so far to publish their beautiful studio pictures and taking the time to answer my questions and send on photos.

I need more e-mails, with as many or as little photos as you like, you can e-mail the pictures to me directly or upload them else where and send the link on to me, either suits. The answers to the questions can me as long or as short as you want. But please keep sending them, because I LOVE running this blog and hope to continue doing so as long as the e-mails keep coming.

And to save you the trouble the questions are:

What kind of Art/Crafts do you do?

Where do you create?

How do you keep all your supplies organised?

Any tips for how to keep art spaces tidy or organised?

Do you get stressed out when your space gets in a mess?

If you could have your dream space tomorrow what would it look like?

Do space limitations get in the way of projects you have in mind?

What is the next big thing on your wish list for your art space?

Where can people view your work or purchase it?

If their is anyone you know that may want to be featured please send them the link to this post or I'll e-mail them and BEG for photos!

Also, if there is anything or another question you would like to see on 'Where People Create' let me know.

Thanks a Million Everyone!

Ann x


  1. Hi lovely! its so wonderful to meet you & hear a little more about Ireland.. my dad's grandfather was Irish & i hope to come there someday!! i love this whole idea of where people create, & i also really loved your post on 'climbing a triumph'! what a beautiful sentiment!! hope you have a lovely weekend!!! loveliest wishes

  2. But...I'd have to clean up my studio...LOL

  3. Wyanne that just means you have a busy study a too clean studio can be a bad sign lol

  4. I just found your blog through Tamsy Trends FB page - I love it! I'm working on my answers right now. It's kind of addictive looking at how other artists work.